What is a marketplace and can we trust Facebook marketplace to purchase products?

  • 06 Oct 2020
  • Cathenna
  • Facebook

The marketplace is a socially connected market for Facebook users. It is the best way to connect with people all over the world and promote small businesses. There are uncountable people who are earning well by selling their products on the marketplace. People can also earn money from the marketplace by selling household items that are of no use to them. Unfortunately, the marketplace is also an open ground for fraudsters. So, we cannot trust each and every person on Facebook. When we talk about an online shopping site, there are trustworthy sellers on it. But we are still not sure that we can trust Facebook marketplace or not for shopping for expensive products. Moreover, we can also filter out dealerships on Facebook marketplace to get the best dealers while searching.

The Facebook marketplace has an estimate of 800 billion monthly users. They all can browse, sell, and purchase a range of products from the marketplace. Also, Facebook provides optimum protection to all users as well as sellers to make this platform the most trusted one. So, if we trust Facebook marketplace, then surely it would not disappoint us as users. However, we also have to take some precautions from our end so that no one can trick us with reference to the marketplace.

There are so many things that we need to consider for our security on a social shopping website. But we would tell you a few things that are most important from the safety point of view.

  • The first of them is the payment mode. No matter whatever or whoever we are selling our product, we should need to take instant payment in cash only.
  • Check for the seller’s profile prior to purchasing a product. Checking sometimes profiles is enough to get an instinct of spammers. They either have too many or too few friends, have posted spam links on their page, not having a profile picture, not living in your area. All of these are signs of a spammer, if you are seeing all or some of them, then avoid purchasing from that seller.
  • Also, research well for the pricing and other specifications from other sellers before purchasing the product. Additionally, do not meet the seller at your home or a private place to exchange the product. Choosing a public area is the wisest decision, specifically protected with a security camera.

Can you see who views your Facebook Marketplace post?

Facebook allows us to keep a track of comments, posts, views on stories, and all other things. Similarly, when we talk about the marketplace, we have access to count our views. People who are checking our product through different ways all are calculated together on Facebook. This also enables us to predict the customer’s choice like what product the customers are searching for? Afterward, we can create our listing accordingly to get more profit in business.

We can also get more views on Facebook marketplace by sharing the link of our product to other Facebook groups and pages. Moreover, we can also choose boost listings on the marketplace to turn our product into Facebook advertisements to get more views. Here are the steps to activate boost listing on your marketplace account.

  • Open your Facebook marketplace page where you have listed your products.
  • Click on the “Boost Listing” option on the screen.
  • Choose a budgeted amount like how much you want to spend to increase your views.
  • After this, choose the duration of the advertisement. For how long do you want the advertisement to run?
  • Choose a payment method and complete the payment of the selected amount. Your amount will be decided according to the number of listings and the duration of the advertisement.
  • Check the preview of your boost listing.
  • Click again on “Boost Listing” to activate it. Your product will be displayed randomly to customers while they are browsing feeds.



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