Peacock Not Working? Use These Fixes on Your Device

  • 27 Sep 2023
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Peacock TV offers a lot of exclusive content to its subscribers. This premium video streaming service by NBC Universal holds a massive library of comedy, drama, live sports, and Universal Studios movies. However, sometimes people complain about Peacock not working.

According to the official Peacock TV website, the simplest fix for it is to relaunch the Peacock app on your device after closing all the applications in the background. You must also restart your device or reboot it. Checking the stability of your internet, clearing app cache, and determining the status of Peacock TV servers are other good measures.

If you’ve been concerned with Peacock not working on your streaming device, we’ve created this article just for that.

Why Is Peacock Not Working?

Peacock has issues or encounters technical problems due to many reasons. The most important ones are as follows:

  1. An inefficient internet connection causes Peacock streaming issues.
  2. If your streaming stick or game console has firmware that isn’t updated, it will prevent Peacock from working properly.
  3. Peacock servers are down.
  4. Excessive app cache also leads to Peacock not working on Android.
  5. An older Peacock version prevents it from operating on devices like Fire Stick.
  6. Sometimes, VPNs also interfere with your internet connection, preventing Peacock from working.

Fix Peacock Not Working on Samsung TV

People often complain of Peacock having issues on their smart TVs. Here are some good fixes to employ.

  1. Check whether Peacock supports your Samsung TV model – Peacock is only compatible with Samsung TVs from 2017 and later. So, if you have a version earlier than that, you will face issues while streaming content.
  2. Power cycle your smart TV – Hold the power button of your remote to turn off the TV. Keep it pressed until the power returns. Now, hit the Home button and launch the Peacock app again.
  3. Examine the speed of your internet – You may repeatedly find Peacock not working on a smart TV in case of poor internet. Ensure that you have at least three to four Mbps for usual streaming and 5 Mbps for HD streaming.
  4. Update the firmware of your Samsung TV – Access the ‘Smart Hub’ of your TV and tap the ‘Settings’ option. Choose the ‘Software update’ tab followed by tapping ‘Update now.’ Install the updates through the directions on your screen.
  5. Delete the app cache of Peacock – Access the Smart Hub of your smart TV through the remote. Go to ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Apps’ tab. Now, tap ‘System apps’ and choose ‘Peacock.’ Select the ‘Clear cache’ option and tap ‘OK.’

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Fix Peacock Not Working on Android

On Android devices, Peacock may not work because of a temporary software glitch, unstable internet, excessive cache, and server downtime. Use these resolutions to make the streaming service work.

  1. Ensure a stable internet - Restart your router or modem if the internet is slow. Disconnect other devices linked to your router when using the Peacock TV app. If the problem prevails, connect to a 5Ghz band router instead of 2.4.
  2. Find out if Peacock is down - Check Peacock TV servers using their official Twitter page. If the servers are down, wait for an update about their restoration.
  3. Know the level of content you can download - Peacock allows only 25 pieces of content across every device. Also, you can only download content two times on a single account. This feature is also available only to Premium Plus subscribers.
  4. Clear cache - If you still find Peacock not working on Android, clear the app cache. Choose Peacock TV from the ‘See all apps’ section and clear its storage and cache. iOS users can reinstall the application.

Troubleshoot Peacock Not Working on Firestick

Employ these solutions if you face issues streaming Peacock on your Firestick. Before using them, ensure that your internet signal is strong.

  1. Reset Firestick – Head to the ‘Settings’ menu and go to ‘My Fire TV.’ Choose the ‘Reset to factory defaults’ option and install Fire TV again.
  2. Find out whether Peacock TV supports your Firestick mode – To find whether your Firestick is compatible with Peacock TV, switch to 1080p mode on your TV. Now, press the Firestick. Search for the particular model number to check the device compatibility.
  3. Clear cache on your Firestick – Access the ‘Settings’ menu and go to ‘Applications.’ Now, go to ‘Manage installed apps,’ select ‘Peacock TV’ and choose the ‘Force stop’ option. After that, choose ‘Clear cache’ or ‘Clean data.’
  4. Use the FireTV remote app – The FireTV remote application is a free app for iOS and Android that pairs your smartphone with your Firestick. Install the app and then open the Peacock TV application. Access the home screen and open Peacock. You can control Peacock through your Firestick’s remote.
  5. Disable VPN – If the VPN is interfering with your internet connection, you’ll find Peacock not working on Firestick. So, turn off your VPN and open the Peacock app. If you can stream properly now, add the Peacock app as your VPN’s exception.

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Resolve Peacock Not Working on Roku

An outdated app, slow internet, technical problems, and Roku software issues prevent Peacock from working on Roku. Use these troubleshooting tips.

  1. Reset Roku TV – On the home screen, choose ‘Settings.’ Next, select ‘System’ and then choose the ‘System restart’ option. The Roku device will restart, which will fix temporary glitches.
  2. Clear cache and data – On your Roku remote, hit ‘Home’ five times. Next, click the ‘Up’ button and then the ‘Rewind’ button twice on your remote. Lastly, press ‘Fast Forward.’
  3. Update the Peacock application – On your Roku device, go to the Google Play Store. Choose the Peacock application and tap the ‘Update’ option. After the updates are installed, try streaming it.
  4. Reset your router - Plug away the cord of your router and wait for a minute. Now, plug back the power cord. Activate the router and connect your Roku device wirelessly. Lastly, open Peacock TV and check for the issue.

Solutions for Peacock Not Working on Xfinity

Start by checking the internet connection. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, use the fixes below.

  1. Turn off VPN – Peacock may not work because of VPN connectivity. So, disable it and try using the app.
  2. Update the Peacock application – If your Xfinity is using an old Peacock app version, it will create problems in its working. So, go to the ‘Apps’ area in Xfinity and see whether the updates for Peacock are available.
  3. Delete Peacock app cache – On Xfinity, go to ‘Settings.’ Now, choose the ‘Apps’ option followed by Peacock. After that, tap the ‘Clear cache’ option.
  4. Restore Xfinity to its default factory settings – On your Xfinity, hit the Power button. Let the lights turn off. When they turn on, you will find the ‘Disaster Recovery’ image on your screen. Now, Xfinity will update its software to factory settings.

Concluding Words

Peacock streaming and buffering issues can make anyone feel frustrated. After all, nobody desires to miss the exclusive and original content that it offers. Use the various measures described above, and you will soon be able to watch your desired shows on your streaming devices. If the issue prevails, feel free to look for Peacock customer support.



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