Why can't access my Yahoo mail account and what should I do to access it?

  • 28 Jul 2022
  • Cathenna
  • Yahoo

Yahoo users generally are not able to access their own yahoo account due to various reasons. Sometimes there are password issues and device-related issues, while the other time some privacy issues stop us to log in a yahoo account. However, all of these issues are temporary and will automatically be revoked after 12-24 hours. But what will they do in an emergency? Most of the queries on What should I do if I can't access my Yahoo account? Are reported within this time interval. Hence yahoo users should know to fix these issues that are due to any of these reasons. Otherwise, they have to wait for a correct response in the time of emergency. We have mentioned some common reasons due to which I can't access my Yahoo mail account.

  • I have forgotten my Username/email id and password of my yahoo account: We all have a unique and valid email id/username and password to login to my yahoo account. If we forgot any of these then we will not be able to log in to our account. Also, if we entered the wrong password multiple times then we will lose access to the yahoo account.
  • When someone hacks your account, they don’t know your password, therefore they make this type of mistake and your account will be locked. If you have seen any suspicious activity on your account then we suggest you contact the yahoo mail team immediately. Moreover, if we type any wrong alphabet while entering the email id or password then also, we will not be able to log in to our account.
  • I am not able to open a specific page on my account: This type of error is caused due to entering a wrong website link. If we type any incorrect alphabet in the name of the website link then yahoo doesn’t support that link and doesn’t show up anything. So, if you want to open a specific website then make sure to enter the correct link. To be more accurate, you can copy and paste the link from the other place.
  • My login button is not working: This type of issue can be seen due to hardware or technical error. Hence, we suggest users optimize the browser on which they are using the yahoo application. You can do a list of things to optimize your browser and make your yahoo application work fine. Furthermore, if you are getting a black page after clicking on a yahoo link then also you need to check these below points.
  1. First of all, make sure to delete all the cache and cookies from the browser. You can delete it easily from the settings. Also, check whether you are using a yahoo compatible browser or not. Yahoo applications do not run with every browser. Hence, we suggest you to use Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or Opera mini to use yahoo applications.
  2. Yahoo came with the latest updates once a week. So, make sure to update the yahoo applications to the latest version to work well.
  3. Along with updating the application, make sure to update the JavaScript as well. It also affects the performance of the application. If you are unable to update it then reset it to the default setting.

If the above thing doesn’t work then lastly reset your browser. Additionally, if you are using a yahoo application on a mobile device, then we would suggest you uninstall the application. This will automatically reset all settings to default once you install the application again.

What should I do to access my Yahoo account?

Yahoo users need to remain updated with all the latest tools and techniques of troubleshooting. This will help them at the time of emergency when their yahoo application stops in the middle of some work. Yahoo login issue is one of the problematic things for every user. Therefore, we have mentioned some tips that you can use to fix your yahoo account login issues.

  • Always use your correct email address, username, and password to login to your yahoo account.
  • Do not share your yahoo password with your friends and family members.
  • Make sure to protect your account with the two-step authentication process. This will notify you whenever someone tries to log in to your account.
  • Use an active internet connection to send and receive email on yahoo mail application and browse other yahoo services.
  • If you have forgotten your password then reset it immediately with the steps provided on the yahoo sign in the helper page instead of trying to open your account with wrong passwords. If you exceed the limit to enter the wrong password then your account will be blocked temporarily.

In case you want more information about why can't I access my Yahoo mail account then connect the yahoo support team.



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