Fixing why isn’t the Facebook Marketplace not working for you

  • 07 Oct 2020
  • Cathenna
  • Facebook

Facebook helps people connect with one another. And thus the Facebook marketplace enables users to shop for and sell its products. It’s becoming very fashionable and many people visit, buy or sell at the market monthly. To travel to Marketplace, tap on the shop icon present at rock bottom of the Facebook application. Now you'll start exploring various products from the corners. Many users face the matter that the Facebook marketplace not working.

The fact that Facebook Marketplace not working is frustrating. For people that depend upon it for a living. There are often several reasons why the Facebook marketplace not loading?

Where are you able to find the market icon?

Desktop users can search for the Marketplace icon on the left side of the Facebook page. If you're logging in from Android devices, search for the Marketplace icon at the highest of the app. The icon are going to be at rock bottom of the appliance on IOS. Since the Marketplace icon is crucial in nature. You'll switch between various devices and platforms

Why is that the market icon absent sometimes?

There is an unwritten Facebook policy for market users. If your account was create only two days ago. And you've got done nothing thereon aside from accessing the Market, you'll be block.

Steps to access the market from the menu

Generally, the Marketplace icon is visible within the Facebook application. But in case you cannot find it, don't assume that the Marketplace is down. It isn't that your access has been restrict. During this case, attempt to access it from the menu.

As mentioned above, the Facebook marketplace wants accounts to move. To hurry up the method of accessing the Marketplace feature. You'll join some buying or selling groups on Facebook. You’ll join groups anywhere within the world that are connect to the Marketplace. For best results, first look for regional or local groups.

How to affect geographic and language restrictions

Many a times, it also happens that, someone got owned a Facebook account for quite 10 years. And you'll not be ready to access the Marketplace. During this case, confirm Facebook's default language is English. Select English (US) to be safe.

Second, your country or location is on the Marketplace. The list of accepted locations are often found with the help of Google. You’ll even submit an invitation through the Facebook support page. Try changing your location or country to an accepted location. Users who travel abroad are susceptible to losing access to the Marketplace. Once your Facebook location changes, the new location data overrides the country data. As a result, market access is block.

Update your Facebook application

Updating the app to its latest version also keeps it running. Attend the Play Store or App Store and look for the Facebook application. Check if there's an update available. Download it if you discover any. You’ll have access to the Marketplace again.

Your Facebook is out of date:

Most people don't update their app. If you're using an outdated version of the FB app, try updating it from iTunes or Play Store. For instance, the device prevents you from accessing the market. To urge the most recent version. Also, sometimes clearing the app cache also updates the app's internal storage. And it's worth an attempt to gain access.

But, before restarting your device, clear all cache, it'll fix your problem. Then confine mind that some older smartphones cannot access the Marketplace. For instance, Android phones have an older OS. Like Android Lollipop and thus the older version of Apple iOS.


It was about the way to fix the Facebook marketplace not working. If you continue to have any problems. You'll take the help of the customer service team at their toll-free number.



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