How do I make a complaint to the cash app?

  • 30 Oct 2020
  • Cathenna
  • Cash App

As the world is turning towards online payment services, they not send hard money or cash while they slowly turn towards payment apps like amazon pay, google pay, phone pe, cash app, Paytm,. And so on.

Billions of users used this app because of its instant services. This app allows its users to receive and send money in some simple and easy steps.

But as the users of this app are growing daily, so many new people find it very difficult to understand several things. Fraudsters fraud with them. If you are scammed by someone, you can report on customer support by contacting through a call on the toll-free number 855-351-2274.

Before calling customer support, you just need to cancel the transaction on the cash app. If the cancellation process completed successfully then you got your money back in one week if you want to cancel the payment and you have no idea about it. So, I will help you out to fix this issue.

Learn how to cancel the transaction on the cash app

Launch the cash app and open it.

Tap on the “activity tab” and it allows you to view the full transaction in the cash app.

Find the payment which you want to cancel.

When you found that recent transaction then you should tap on the cancel option.

Tap on three dots in the right corner.

You have to select the “cancel option” and click on “ok” to cancel the transaction.

If the cancel option is not available you have to submit a request for a payment refund.

How to file a cash app complaint?

Cash Assistance will never ask you for a login code, PIN code, or other sensitive information, such as your bank account information. Cash Aid will never ask you to send payment, make a purchase, download any "remote access" app, or do any kind of "test".

Never pay someone you don't trust for what you promise in the future (such as a puppy from a future litter or renting a new apartment). Most payments are instant and usually cannot be canceled.

Contact our monetary support team to report fraudulent activity to your account. You can find a guide for contacting a cashier at

How to identify and avoid scams to keep your money safe

When using the Cash App to send money, we strongly recommend that you:

Send payments only to people you trust

Check and double-check all recipient information before sending any payment to confirm that you are sending the money to the right person

Don't send money to someone who promises something in the future (for example, free money in exchange).

Common types of fraud:

The goal of the Cash app is to be a secure place where customers can instantly send money to people they know and trust. To keep your money safe at all times, consider these best practices before depositing payments into the Cash app.

Cash flipping scam.

Payment claiming scam.

puppy/pet deposit scam.

apartment/ rental home deposit scam.

The Cash app does not have a phone number that customers can call to contact the Cash app representatives. If you use Google Cash App Support and see a phone number that you can use to contact the Cash app directly, this is a scam. If you want to make a complaint to the cash app then the cash app phone number is the automatic helpline: 1-855-351-2275.

If you email id link with your cash app, we recommend securing that by enabling two-factor authentication. You also need to check your device manually.

In the Certified Funds support app, Cash. Available via app/help, or through a voice connection provided to customers from the cash app.




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