Recover your old cash app account with these simple steps

  • 28 Oct 2020
  • Cathenna
  • Cash App

In today's world, there are few people who are not leveraging online payment services. But, people often find themselves in trouble as they usually forget their login credentials. These are the email or phone number with a password. In such a situation, people often wonder about how to recover my cash app account.

Despite the application, as a user, you do not want to lose the login credential. In case you miss your login credentials, there are ways to recover these attributes. However, it is essential to recover them to access the old account rather than creating the new one if it is related to the money.

If you have been using online money transfers, you should be very well aware of the Cash App. In just a few simple steps, it allows you to request, receive, and transfer money. It has an extensive number of users, which is justified by the fluid user experience and simplicity in the user interface. The app is highly secure as you can transact by just one tap or click in a fraction of time.

In case you are in a situation that restricts you to access your old account regardless of the reasons. You have to seek assistance in this regard. Here, we have summarized the methods to get access to your old account.

How do I recover my cash App account?

Once you create an account on the cash app. Your details get secured in the Square Cash database. Thus, there is no need to get panic if you have lost your credentials. You have to reach to the cash app representative for cash app account recovery.

But, the cash app does not have dedicated customer support. You have to find an alternative to contact your customer representative.

Let's have a look over the steps to recover your old cash app account.

  • Create a fresh account over the cash app which will help you to regain your old sash app account. Use the same details that you have used in previous accounts. This would not be your new cash app account rather it will help you gain your credentials back.
  • You have to activate your cash card for your new cash app account after you have established your new Cash App account by submitting all the required information, such as your name, social security number, date of birth, etc.
  • You will now be expected to link your bank account with your cash app account. Keep in mind that your new cash app accounts to the same bank account that was linked to your old Cash App account.
  • Access the cash app support section after you has completed linking both your latest cash app account and your bank account.


Once you have the access to your account, you have to follow these steps to answer your question.

  • First tap on your profile icon.
  • Then tap on the support option
  • You will get many options. Pick the "CAN’T ACCESS OLD ACCOUNT".
  • Now submit a request using your email address and provide the all details related to your old cash app account.

Access your old cash app account

Once done with the request, you will receive an email from the Cash App Support Team. Now, they will ask you for some information regarding the old account. If your information meets the database records, you can access your new account merged with the old cash app account.

However, there are other considerations to keep in mind such as your internet connectivity and never share your credential to anyone as your cash app account is vulnerable to scams.


This is the proven way to recover a cash app account, as the organization does not have phone support. However, the cash app support team takes the issue as a priority while renewing your old account.



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