Learn How To Play YouTube In Background Seamlessly

  • 18 Sep 2023
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One doesn’t need to learn how to play YouTube in the background. It's incredibly simple with YouTube Premium. But if you don't want to spend money on a premium account, this article is your need of the hour.

Overview: To play YouTube in the background, open it from your desktop. And if you use YouTube from your phone, you must play it as a desktop site on your phone. That's all you must do to make YouTube play in the background.

YouTube Premium

If you subscribe to a YouTube premium, honestly, you don't have to think about how to play YouTube in the Background of your iPhone or Android.

And if you don’t know how to subscribe to premium services, here’s the way to do it:

  • Firstly, open your cell phone and go to the YouTube application
  • Now, you must sign in and look straight at the right corner of your screen to view the YouTube Premium options.
  • Finally, select The YouTube tier you think is good for you and start your membership.

Once you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you'll get:

  • Seamless streaming without advertisements.
  • Accessibility to use your iPhone or Android while using other applications.
  • You can download unlimited videos and listen to them offline.
  • You can lock your phone while your songs keep playing.

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How To Play YouTube In The Background For Android and iPhone Users?

Now, coming to the main part, users often don't want to pay for another application. Hence, they don't want a premium. However, they want but don't know how to play YouTube in Background of their Android or iPhone.

Therefore, this one’s for them:

1. Playing YouTube in The Background of iPhone

Here’s the most simple guide on how to play YouTube In Background of your iOS 9 or 10:

  • First of all, go to www.youtube.com from your favorite safari. And remember, you must open the website side and not the app. If the website redirects you to the application, delete the app and try once again.
  • Now, find the videos you want to play and open one of them.
  • Once you've opened it, click on an icon that you can see on your screen's left side, and select "Turn Into Desktop Website”.
  • Finally, once it's reloaded as a desktop site, directly return to the home screen. This will turn off the music!
  • But now you must open down your notification center, and you'll see the music option floating. Just click it, and you're done.

2. Playing YouTube in  The Background of Android

Here’s the simplest guide on how to play YouTube in the background of an Android:

  • As Android users, you must open your YouTube platform through Chrome.
  • Then, you know you must go to youtube.com and play your preferred video.
  • Now, go to Settings and click the 3 dots that you find on the upper-right corner.
  • Finally, select the option "Request desktop site" and close the app. Now, go to the notification bar and play the channel via the media player.

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How To Play YouTube In The Background Via Picture-in-Picture Mode?

If your browser is not working, you must learn how to play YouTube in the background of an iPhone without premium.

Here are some simple guides that will make your picture-in-picture mode seamless and have a joyous time.

1. Playing Picture-in-Picture on iPhone

If you don't have an iPhone 15, don't think of playing picture-picture mode, as the prior versions don't support them. However, if you do, this is how to play YouTube in the background of an iOS 15.

  • Go to your mobile Setting, and under the General tab, find the "Picture-in-Picture" option.
  • Now, just switch the “Start PIP Automatically” option on and you're done.
  • Next, return to your main screen and go to YouTube app settings and its general section.
  • Finally, turn on the “Picture-in-picture" toggle mode, and you're done.

2. Playing Picture-in-Picture on Android

If you're an Android user, your PiP option will be limited to just listening to YouTube music, not videos.

However, if you're fine with it, here's how you can turn on the picture-in-picture mode on your Android phone:

  • First of all, go to your mobile Setting and then to your app & notifications.
  • Now, you must tap the "Advanced” option and then go to the “Special app access" option and select the PiP.
  • Now return to Settings' main screen, go to your YouTube Settings, then General, and toggle on the PiP option.


Now you have a detailed idea of how to play YouTube in Background. So blast some rock music in the background and continue using your phone like a pro. You have the magic now.


How To Play YouTube In The Background While Using Other Apps?

You can use other apps and also play YouTube by keeping it on the desktop mode. Plus, you also have the option to buy a premium subscription to use it successfully.

Can I Play YouTube With Turning My Screen Off?

Yes, you can play YouTube by turning your screen off if you purchase premium. Or else you can also apply picture-in-picture mode to use YouTube while turning your screen off.

How Do I Keep Playing YouTube On My Phone?

You can keep playing YouTube on your phone using the Desktop Mode of YouTube. It lets you use your phone usually while helping you to listen to incredible music in the background.



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