How to unblock someone on Facebook?

  • 06 Feb 2020
  • Cathenna
  • Facebook

In time, if you feel the need to unblock the person, then you might ponder how to unblock someone on Facebook to get in touch with them again. You just have to follow a few steps process. Well! Don’t mind we’ll let you know. Before going to the point, let's highlight some social media advantages of Facebook in a short intro.

Facebook has cemented itself as the most used and widely popular social networking website. People use this site in order to get connected with their friends, family, co-workers, etc. The social networking site has been a boon for getting in touch with people with whom you have lost touch and want to get connected again. This is the true beauty of Facebook as it allows one, unlimited freedom to find people from all over the world and get connected with them. It has erased the concept of borders!

Why Do You Block Someone on Facebook?

Since there are a billion people on Facebook and the company can’t get into the minds of the people, who have a malicious intent and therefore there might be times when you get friend requests by strangers on the site, or you may get inappropriate comments on your post that are public, or vulgar messages in your inbox, or simply due to some personal reasons. These are some harsh eventualities that you may have to deal with when you’re on the site. When these types of events happen, then you block the person on Facebook.

Want to Unblock someone Facebook?

After you’ve blocked the person, he/she will not be able to see your profile or will be able to send you messages from their account. Your profile will be invisible to the person that you’ve blocked. It will be as if you don’t exist on Facebook

  • Step1: Go to the top right corner and click on the inverted triangle icon
  • Step2: Then click on settings
  • Step3: On the left-hand side you’ll find ‘Blocking’
  • Step4: There you’ll find, a list of people that you’ve blocked
  • Step5: Now you can unblock the person that you want


Therefore now you know how to unblock someone on Facebook. After you’ve followed the above steps, then you’ll be able to see the unblocked person’s profile. However, you still will not be able to contact them as you’ll first have to send a friend request to the person. If the person accepts your friend request, then you can send messages or do whatever operations as you do on a normal person’s profile. You can carry on the business as usual with the unblocked person.




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