7 Solutions for the Hulu Error Code 406 on Various Devices

  • 06 Sep 2023
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The Hulu error code 406, also known as 406 Not Acceptable, is an error that creeps up when you are streaming shows. The problem snatches the experience you can have watching your favorite content alone or with your friends. A faulty internet connection is a primary cause of error 406. So, ensuring its stability is a must. Apart from that, licensing restrictions, account issues, and excessive browser caches are other leading causes. This is basically a network issue that indicates the absence of connection with your home network or Hulu servers. You can use many fixes to get past it. Learn more about them in this post.

What Is Hulu Error Code 406?

When error 406 occurs, your screen lights up with the message that the Hulu service is unable to load the content you’ve requested. Further, it prompts you to examine your network and try relaunching the service.

By looking at the message, it becomes clear that the error is because of a connection issue. Similarly, if your server is blocking the IP address, then also you will encounter this error.

Reasons for Error 406 on Hulu

The key causes for 406 glitches on Hulu service are as follows:

  1. Bad network connection
  2. Outdated Hulu application
  3. Excessive cache on your browser
  4. Glitches in the Hulu app
  5. Licensing restrictions
  6. Usage of VPN or proxy
  7. Your device does not have the latest updates
  8. Your Hulu account is not active

How to Troubleshoot Hulu Error Code 406

Based on the reasons mentioned above, you should try the following techniques.

1. Boost the speed of your internet

Perform an internet speed examination to check whether your net is functioning optimally. Go nearer to the router, switch your network, or employ a VPN for better connectivity. If your network doesn’t have adequate bandwidth, Hulu will stop and prompt this error. Also, try switching to a hotspot or mobile data. Use these measures until you are able to boost your net speed to up to 3 Mbps.

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2. Reopen the device

Another effective fix is restarting the device on which you are streaming Hulu. Close the Hulu app and restart your streaming device. If the error 406 is because of a temporary glitch, it will go away after you start your device again.

3. Eliminate cache

Hulu error 406 is also a playback error. You may encounter it if your web browser is chock full of caches and cookies. Try clearing it and see if Hulu loads and lets you watch content. The general steps to clear caches are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the icon with three dots on the right side.
  2. Next, head to ‘More tools.’
  3. From here, tap the option to clear the browsing data.
  4. Place a check on ‘Cookies and other site data.’
  5. Also, check on ‘Cached images and files.’
  6. Now tap ‘Clear data.’

4. Examine the status of Hulu servers

Hulu server outage does not happen commonly. But if you don’t have any internet issues or cache on your browser, do not ignore its possibility. Sometimes, when the servers are down, Hulu cannot communicate with the servers. This problem cannot be fixed by you. You can only navigate to the Twitter page of the service and check about its progress. The Hulu officials will let you know when the server issue is rectified.

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5. Get the latest updates for your Hulu app

Have you recently updated your Hulu application? If yes, it can be a probable cause of error 406. If the app does not have updates installed, it can encounter bugs. The developers of Hulu release updates to make your streaming experience better. So, if you haven’t got the latest updates, go to the App Stores and install them.

  • PC
    1. On your keyboard, hit the Windows button.
    2. Input Microsoft Store and tap it.
    3. Now, click the icon of three dots at the top-right portion.
    4. Tap it to access the menu.
    5. After that, click the ‘Downloads and Updates’ option.
    6. Choose the ‘Get updates’ option.
    7. Tap the icon of Hulu to download the new updates.
  • Smartphone
    1. Head to the respective application store on your phone.
    2. Once there, search for Hulu by typing its name on the taskbar.
    3. Hit the ‘Update’ option. If any update is available, it will get installed.
    4. Now, open the Hulu app and start streaming.
    5. See if you still notice this error.

6. Eliminate corrupt data on Hulu

The Hulu application also accumulates data and cache files. If this data gets corrupted, you will encounter many errors. The following steps are for Xbox 1. But you can take them as a general sequence to clear corrupt data on Hulu on any other device.

  1. Head to the menu on your device.
  2. Here, tap ‘My games and Apps.’
  3. Now, highlight your Hulu app.
  4. Hit the Menu button on your controller.
  5. Tap the ‘Manage apps’ option.
  6. Now, choose the ‘Clear saved data’ option.
  7. If you are using a smartphone, such as iPhone or Android, go to the ‘Storage’ section. It is present on the Settings app.
  8. Here, delete the app cache of Hulu.

7. Use a VPN

Sometimes, Hulu may mark a specific IP address as suspicious. In this circumstance, you cannot sign into Hulu on your browser or on the app. To resolve the problem, add your network device to your system again by first removing it.

If it does not resolve error 406, use a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. It will secure your network session. You will be assigned another IP address to access your Hulu.

Concluding Words

You can easily tackle Hulu error code 406 now that you are aware of all its fixes. Try each one out to diagnose the reason for the problem. Most probably, by fixing the internet speed, you will be able to navigate the problem. But if you cannot, just contact the Hulu Support team.



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