9 Tested Fixes that Work for the Hulu Error Code P-DEV313

  • 04 Sep 2023
  • Cathenna
  • Hulu

Errors in streaming services are common. The Hulu error code P-DEV313 is a highly common error indicating a connection problem. It is primarily caused by problems on the servers of Hulu. This error hinders the application from streaming content uninterruptedly. It can arise unexpectedly, leaving you wondering what went wrong.

There are a few possible causes of it, such as a network problem or server maintenance. The most effective fix for this error code is modifying your Hulu account password and reinstalling the app. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the different ways to fix this error code.

What Is Hulu Error Code P-DEV313?

The P-DEV313 error code on Hulu denotes an issue with the playback of content. This error will cause your videos to buffer, freeze, or totally stop playing. You will find this error on various gaming consoles, mobile and streaming devices, and smart TVs.

Many users have reported that in this error, the video disappears and is substituted with a grey screen. The screen displays that Hulu is encountering problems in streaming the content. Some chief causes for this error include:

  1. Network problem
  2. An obsolete app
  3. Server maintenance issue
  4. Cache accumulation

Resolutions for the Hulu Error Code P-DEV313

Below, we have outlined some fixes to get rid of this error code.

1. Reopen the Hulu app

You can either reopen the Hulu app or play the video you are streaming again. This is a very easy fix that can help you get past the error code P-DEV313. Simply exit the content that you are watching when you find this error code blocking your show.

After exiting, navigate back to the home screen of the service. Wait for a few seconds and then open the video. You won’t find this error persisting.

2. Check for server issues

A problem with the Hulu server causes various kinds of errors in this streaming service. If the server in your area is experiencing downtime, you are bound to encounter the P-DEV313 error. The best way to verify this problem is by going to the social media pages of Hulu. Here, you will find updates from the officials about the current server status.

If the server is down, wait for them to get back up. Keep checking the Twitter page of Hulu to get the latest information.

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3. Power cycle the router

Another good way to get past the Hulu error code P-DEV313 is power cycling the router. This action refreshes the connection. Turn it off and unplug the router. After a minute, plug the router back in. It will take a while for the network device to link to the internet. When the connection is established, re-launch Hulu.

4. Change your Hulu password

As mentioned above, you will find the P-DEV313 error code because of a wrong login credential. Resetting the password is the best fix for this problem.

  • Access the account page of your Hulu service.
  • Now, sign in using your existing password.
  • Find the ‘Account’ section and tap it.
  • Now, in this section, tap the ‘Change password’ button.
  • For verification purposes, input your existing password.
  • After that, input the new password two times.
  • Ensure that you enter the correct new password both times.
  • Place a tick on the ‘Log me out of other computers’ square box.
  • Ticking this option will sign you out of different devices from which you use Hulu.
  • Finish this part by tapping the ‘Save changes’ option.
  • Now, log in with the new password on the device displaying the P-DEV313 error code.
  • Stream any Hulu content and see if it resolves the problem.

5. Find out whether your Hulu app needs an update

An obsolete Hulu app version does not have the latest fixes to resolve various error codes like P-DEV313. So, update your app as per the device you are using.

  • Update Hulu on Android phone and tablet
    1. Open the Play Store from Google and click the three-line menu option.
    2. Tap ‘My apps & games.’
    3. Find and tap Hulu, followed by tapping ‘Update.’
  • Apple TV (Third and Fourth Generation)
    1. Access the Apple App Store.
    2. Now, below the ‘Purchased’ section, check for Hulu updates.

6. Reinstall the Hulu application

Try this fix to troubleshoot the P-DEV313 error only after trying out the ones mentioned above. Follow these pointers to reinstall the app.

  • You must first uninstall the Hulu app currently on your device.
  • Now, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store according to your device.
  • Find the Hulu app and get it on your device again.
  • Reopen it and see whether you can stream content.

7. Clear Hulu app cache

If there are more than usual cache on the Hulu app, the likelihood of encountering errors increases. Fortunately, clearing the Hulu app cache is very simple.

Just navigate to your device’s settings and then to the Apps section. If you are on an Android phone, tap the Hulu app followed by ‘Storage.’ After that, touch ‘Clear Cache.’ To optimize the app further, tap ‘Clear data.’

iOS device users can clear the cache on Hulu by deleting the app. When you reinstall it from the App Store, the cache will be gone. You can then stream content optimally.

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8. Reset the app on Roku

Are you facing the Hulu error code P-DEV313 on Roku? A good resolution is resetting the Hulu app. For it, navigate to the ‘System’ on the Roku’s home screen. Now, choose ‘System Restart.’ Thereafter, delete Hulu from the Roku TV. Reinstall it, launch the app, and check if you still face this error code.

9. Reposition the router and update its firmware

This is a measure that will complement other solutions in this article. See to it that your router is in a central spot inside your home. Do not keep it near objects that block the Wi-Fi signal. Now, head to the manufacturer’s website or the router’s administration panel. Find out if there are any firmware updates. If the firmware is up-to-date, it will boost compatibility with Hulu, and you won’t face errors.

Summing up

Fixing the Hulu error code P-DEV-313 is not difficult when you know the correct resolutions. The ones listed above aren’t very complicated and can be easily performed by an average user. Still, if you want more assistance, it is better to connect with expert help online.



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