5 Important Fixes for the Hulu Error Code P-DEV340

  • 28 Aug 2023
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One of the recently reported problems with Hulu is the Hulu error code P-DEV340. It is a playback error that arises when there’s an issue with your device. Besides that, it may also point to an issue with your internet connection. In simple words, the error indicates that the server and client cannot communicate. The problem arises suddenly as the Hulu forums are filled with complaints about the same. It results because of many factors. Irrespective of them, the error code will not let you stream your favorite content uninterruptedly.

You will see a message: ‘We are having trouble playing this.’ Fortunately, once you understand the causes, it’s easy to fix the error code.

Why Do You See the Hulu Error Code P-DEV340?

As pointed out earlier, the error is primarily linked to a glitch in the internet connection. But besides that, there are several other causes, as discussed below.

  • Cache problem in your device: Some streaming devices accumulate file caches to quicken the loading time. But if the caches are corrupt, the device will run into the P-DEV340 error code.
  • The Hulu servers are not working: Although its probability is low, if the servers are under maintenance, Hulu will not work.
  • Corrupt Hulu app: A Corrupt Hulu application will never function properly. You will frequently see the P-DEV340 error code if you try running a corrupt Hulu app.
  • Poor Wi-Fi signal: Your Wi-Fi signal should be strong if you want to stream content uninterruptedly. Similarly, if your internet connection speed falls below the recommended streaming threshold, you will face this error.
  • Browser incompatibility: Hulu requires certain network protocols to run properly. If your browser does not support them, you will face this error code.

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Rectifying the Hulu Error Code P-DEV340

Now that you know what causes this playback error, P-DEV340 on Hulu, it is time to try the best fixes. Follow the ones explained below.

1. Check the internet

Have you recently wondered about your internet stability? If you feel the symptoms of sluggish internet connectivity, it is time to contact your internet service provider. You must clarify to them that you need not less than 3 Mbps speed if you regularly watch SD content on Hulu.

If HD content streams on your device, you need 6 Mbps speed. Similarly, 13 Mbps is for streaming ultra HD content on Hulu, and 8 Mbps is for enjoying live television.

On your part, you can reset your router and modem. Just unplug the device and re-plug it after a few minutes.

Also, turn off or turn on Wi-Fi roaming. Go to the Wi-Fi settings and see whether Wi-Fi roaming is turned on or off. If it is turned on, turn it off. Likewise, if it is off, turn it on.

2. Get Hulu app updates

Another practical resolution for the Hulu P-DEV340 error is checking for app updates. An update fixes the bugs or faults in the current version of Hulu.

Follow these pointers according to your streaming device.

  • Android
    1. Get to the Google Play Store. You will see the three vertical lines icon at the top-left.
    2. Tap it and find Hulu.
    3. Tap on ‘Update’ if it shows.
  • iOS
    1. Open the Apple App Store.
    2. Go to your profile symbol at the top-left part.
    3. Scroll down and find Hulu among the listed apps.
    4. Tap ‘Update’ if you see it.
  • Smart TV

You can update the Hulu app according to the instructions specific to your smart TV. Samsung Smart TV is the most common one. To get Hulu updates on this device, access the Smart Hub. Access Hulu and get its updates.

3. Check for server outage

If you are suddenly seeing the Hulu error code P-DEV340, checking its server status makes the most sense. Whenever the servers are under maintenance to introduce an update or a new feature, Hulu shows this error. You can easily check the server status on the internet.

Tap on the first search result that comes when you type your query regarding the Hulu servers. If you see that there has been a recent outage, wait for some time until it resolves.

4. Delete the cache of Hulu

A corrupt Hulu cache is another cause of various playback errors. You can eliminate it by deleting the cache on the specific device you use to stream Hulu content.

  • iOS
    1. From your device, go to Hulu and remove it.
    2. Now, access the App Store, find Hulu, and download it on your device.
    3. Open it and try to stream.
  • Android
    1. Access the settings of your device.
    2. From here, choose ‘Applications.’
    3. Touch ‘Apps’ followed by ‘All apps.’
    4. Now, choose Hulu and then click the ‘Storage’ option.
    5. Tap the ‘Clear cache’ option followed by the ‘Clear data’ button.
    6. Now open Hulu again and see if the error has been rectified.
  • TV
    1. With your smart TV remote, go to the settings of your TV.
    2. Choose the ‘Applications’ option.
    3. After that, choose ‘Manage installed applications.’
    4. In the list of apps, choose ‘Hulu.’
    5. Now, click the ‘Clear data and clear cache’ option.

After clearing the caches on your device, check whether you still face the P-DEV340 error on the Hulu service.

5. Reinstall Hulu

Reinstalling Hulu will fix minor glitches on the app, so you will be able to stream it without issues. Follow this sequence according to your device.

  • iOS

On an iOS device, just hold the Hulu application and choose the ‘Remove App’ button. It has the ‘-‘ symbol beside it. After that, reinstall the app by navigating to the Play Store.

  • Android
    1. Search for the Hulu app and uninstall it.
    2. Confirm to remove it and then go over to the Play Store.
    3. Tap the ‘Install’ button on the Hulu app and open it.
  • TV
    1. Use your remote control to go to the ‘My Apps’ section.
    2. Remove the application by choosing ‘Uninstall.’
    3. Now, using the remote, go to the Play Store of your TV and install Hulu again.

Final Thoughts

The Hulu application can throw up many error codes, and the P-340 error code is one among them. But there are innumerable fixes you can use. The ones above are quite simple and will let you troubleshoot the error so you can begin streaming without any interference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I keep getting errors on Hulu?

You may get errors because of a bad internet connection or a glitch in your streaming device. If your Hulu app is not updated, then also you will keep getting errors.

  1. How can I troubleshoot Hulu error codes?

Restart your device, check for stable internet, and reinstall the Hulu application. You can also examine the server status to ensure the problem is not yours.

  1. How should I clear Hulu caches?

Go to ‘Settings’ on the home screen and choose Hulu from the app list. Now, select ‘Storage’, and from here, clear the cache and data.



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