9 Proven Ways to Resolve the Hulu Error Code P-TS207

  • 01 Sep 2023
  • Cathenna
  • Hulu

A playback error that ruins the streaming experience of users is the Hulu error code P-TS207. This error can stem from various issues. The most common ones are problems with the connection between your device and the Hulu network, internal glitches within the Hulu app, and an old version of the software streaming Hulu. This error code majorly strikes when you are streaming a video on Hulu.

So, you must take steps to fix the exact cause of this error code. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed with something as easy as restarting the Hulu app. However, in other cases, you will need a few other fixes. Keep reading to learn the resolutions.

What Is the Hulu Error Code P-TS207

When you get the P-TS207, the screen shows the error that the service is having trouble playing the video. Further, it says you must restart your device for a minute and check for this code. The problem is majorly a playback issue and indicates a glitch preventing the video from streaming.

Bad internet is one of the major causes of error code P-TS207. Faulty software and corrupt files are other major reasons.

How to Rectify the Hulu Error Code P-TS207

Thankfully, resolving the P-TS207 code isn’t very complicated. Use these general troubleshooting measures to rectify this error.

1. Check if your internet is fine

A glitched internet connection often causes the P-TS207 error code. So, you must check if your internet is slow. While doing so, remember the Hulu requirements for different types of content.

They are 16 Mbps for 4K content and 8 Mbps for live streams. For general content, 3 Mbps bandwidth is crucial.

2. Check the Hulu server status

The Hulu servers don’t typically go down. But when they do, a connection fails to establish itself. Go to the Twitter page of Hulu and find out the server status. The company will give updates on the problem on this page. Wait for the servers to become functional before running the service.

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3. Delete data and cache of the Hulu application

The accumulation of outdated or corrupt cache or data inside the Hulu app causes it to malfunction. You will often see the P-TS207 error code if the app has an excessively outdated cache. Clear it through these steps.

  • On the device streaming Hulu, navigate to the settings.
  • Use ‘Apps & notifications.’ Alternatively, select Application Manager.
  • Now, locate the Hulu app and choose it.
  • Tap ‘Storage’ or the ‘Storage & cache’ option.
  • Then tap the ‘Clear data’ and ‘Clear cache’ buttons.

4. Update Hulu

A properly updated Hulu app is likely to keep running without any issues. It also helps in fixing error codes like P-TS207.

  • Android
    1. On the Play Store, hit on the image of your profile.
    2. Now, choose ‘Manage apps & device.’
    3. After that, hit the ‘Update available’ option.
    4. Now, besides Hulu, tap the ‘Update’ option.
  • iOS
    1. On the App Store, hit the image of your profile.
    2. Move a bit down to see all of your apps.
    3. Find Hulu and hit the ‘Update’ option beside it.

5. Reinstall Hulu on Android or iPhone

Reinstalling the Hulu application fixes causes like corrupt files inside it. Use these pointers to uninstall the streaming service’s app on Android and iPhone.

  • Android App
    1. Go to the ‘Settings’ on your Android phone.
    2. Choose ‘Apps’ and then find the option to see all apps.
    3. Choose Hulu from the list and uninstall it.
    4. Tap ‘OK’ at the end.
    5. Reinstall the app again from the Play Store.
  • iOS App
    1. On your Apple device, find the Hulu app.
    2. Press and hold it for a few moments.
    3. Remove the app and then tap the ‘Delete App’ button.
    4. Get the app again from the Apple App Store.

6. Change your VPN

Your location may also sometimes cause the Hulu error code P-TS207. You can try disabling the VPN or changing it. Follow these steps to disable it.

  1. Navigate to ‘Network and Internet’ in settings.
  2. Now, choose ‘VPN’ on the left side.
  3. Choose the connection you want to disable and tap ‘Disconnect.’
  4. If you use macOS, go to ‘System Preferences.’
  5. Select ‘Network’ followed by ‘VPN.’
  6. Now, click ‘Disconnect.’

7. Restart your device

If there’s a temporary glitch in your streaming, you will face playback error codes on Hulu. Restarting the device will eliminate such a glitch. To restart or power cycle your device, just press and hold the ‘Power’ button. After that, choose ‘Restart’ or ‘Reboot.’

When the device starts again, open Hulu and find out if the error arises while you are streaming.

8. Remove the connected devices from your account on Hulu

Removing Hulu from other devices has helped many users to rectify this issue. To do so, sign into your account on Hulu and use these steps.

  • In your Hulu account, tap the ‘Account’ option.
  • Now, choose ‘Manage devices.’ It is below the ‘Watch Hulu on your devices’ area.
  • Remove all the devices that are connected to your account on Hulu.
  • Do it by tapping the ‘Remove’ button.

9. Download the content you wish to stream

The P-TS207 error code on Hulu also arises when users are streaming content. A workaround for it is downloading the content to stream. Once it is downloaded, you can watch it even when offline.

However, you need to be a No Ads plan subscriber to download content.

More Common Hulu Error Codes

There are many other common errors you might face apart from P-TS207. Here is a list of common issues.

  1. Error code 3 shows difficulty playing a video.
  2. Error code 5 means that Hulu cannot load your video.
  3. Hulu error 400 reflects a problem with your account data.
  4. Hulu error p-dev340 shows an issue with your device
  5. Hulu P-TS207 error, a playback error.
  6. Hulu error p-dev318, indicating poor internet.
  7. Hulu error code p-edu125, meaning Hulu cannot authenticate your subscription
  8. Hulu error code 406: It indicates poor internet or a glitch in the server configuration.
  9. Hulu error code p-dev313 reflects a connection issue between the device and Hulu.
  10. Hulu error code p-dev302, implying a temporary communication issue
  11. Hulu error p-dev310, caused due to network connection problems.
  12. Hulu error code p-dev322, indicating cached data

Summing up

There you go! Troubleshooting the Hulu error code P-TS207 is not very difficult once you know what to do. The measures listed above have helped many Hulu users to successfully rectify the error code. Let us know which ones you used and whether you were able to fix the problem using any one or more of the resolutions.



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