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  • 31 Oct 2023
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With the help of Yahoo email services, you can send & receive emails, chat in real time with anyone, get images and many other things. For both personal and professional work, we all need an emailing service. Yahoo is a worthy choice for all email-related work as it is a renowned email service worldwide. However, this doesn't ensure it is foul-proof: you might encounter issues such as account lock, service down, etc. And you look for ways to unlock your Yahoo account.

If you are facing a locked Yahoo, the first thing is to stop making multiple attempts to sign in Yahoo account. Another thing is: to try switching to a different server and try logging in. Next, choose 'Sign-In Helper' in Yahoo. For that, visit Yahoo, select the sign-in helper option, enter your email address or phone number, receive a code, enter it in the correct section, and you will see the account unlocked. (snippet)

Why is your Yahoo Account locked?

Now, it is important to talk about the leading causes behind Yahoo's locked account because then only you will be able to get back your account soon. Here is the potential cause behind the Yahoo account being locked:

  • Used incorrect password while logging in
  • I tried multiple times to sign in
  • I tried logging in from multiple locations at a time.
  • Attempted sending emails in large amounts.
  • Witnessed suspicious act on account.
  • Mismatched POP and IMAP settings

How can I unlock my Yahoo account?

To unlock my Yahoo account can be confusing sometimes, especially when you just have started using Yahoo. When your accounts get locked because of too many sign-in attempts, you find yourself locked out of the account. This usually happens temporarily, and there is a chance to get your account back.

What you need to do is to stop making sign-in attempts if your Yahoo account has been locked. Yahoo does this to protect your account from hacking. You need to wait 12 to 24 hours to check whether the problem has been resolved.

If you cannot access your account, you must speak to the technical team about this. Techies will provide you with some quick technical solutions to fix this problem.

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How do I unlock my Yahoo mail account?

When you have understood the causes behind your Yahoo account being locked, now is the time to tackle this error. So we have two methods to deal with the Yahoo account locked error. We'll discuss this chronologically. Be with us!

Method 1:

You can also try these solutions below if you have been locked out of your Yahoo account: These are things that you need to keep in mind while considering unlocking your account.

  • Make sure to open the Yahoo help page
  • You'll see the option of 'account locked.' Just tap on it
  • Look out for the 'sign-in helper' button to proceed
  • The user will be asked to enter the phone number or email address in the space
  • You will be given an account key
  • Enter the key and then tap on the submit option.

Method 2 (Server Change Method):

Another method is server change. It is when you attempt to sign in logically but still face problems. This is because the server is not responding properly as of now. Now, you need to switch between servers and try logging in. Here's what servers you can use.

§ India - 

§ Canada - 

§ UK - 

§ United States -

Method 3:

In this method, you change the current POP and IMAP settings. Here's what is required.

  • Choose a different browser to sign in Yahoo account.
  • Diminish POP and IMAP settings from email client software.
  • Seize all third-party app access until you finally get ahold of your account.

Final Submission

For more details on how to unlock my Yahoo accountfeel free to connect with the technical experts. You can learn from them how to fix these Yahoo problems in no time and in an effective manner. One of the best parts is that users needing technical help can approach these professionals anytime. Initially, apply these methods and then see if the issue gets resolved. Thanks, and cheers!



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