7 Best Ways to Fix the Hulu Error Code P-DEV302

  • 04 Sep 2023
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  • Hulu

Hulu is one of the most-used services, providing access to endless high-quality content. However, it still does not negate the fact that users frequently encounter error codes that spoil their entertainment time. One of the common ones is the Hulu error code P-DEV302. This error message occurs in the instance of an outdated device firmware or Hulu application.

To fix this problem, you need to understand its nature in greater detail. Fortunately, successfully fixing this problem requires you to implement a few basic fixes. Keep reading to learn how to resolve the P-DEV303 error code on your Hulu application.

What Is the Hulu Error Code P-DEV302 and Why It Occur?

The P-DEV302 error code majorly occurs if you are running an old application. Besides that, it is seen that the error code also occurs while streaming content if the anti-tracking functionality in the browser has been enabled. You will see the following message upon the occurrence of this error code.

‘’We are having a problem playing this…Hulu error code P-DEV302.’’ Here are the possible causes behind this error code.

  1. Glitches in the Hulu application.
  2. Obsolete device operating system.
  3. The anti-tracking functionality is turned on in your browser settings.
  4. Unstable internet connectivity
  5. The Hulu application and the Hulu server cannot exchange data.
  6. There is a problem with video playback.

Solutions for the Hulu Error Code P-DEV302

There are various solutions that you can follow to troubleshoot P-DEV302 on your app. Follow the instructions for each method to successfully resolve the problem.

1. Check if you are using Ethernet

An easy and effective way to troubleshoot P-DEV 302 is to check for an Ethernet connection. This is especially true for those using Wi-Fi. Using an Ethernet connection on your device will fix this error code.

Apart from this, try switching off your streaming device and modem or router. Now, after several minutes, turn them on. Doing these two things is seen to resolve this problem.

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2. Resolve network connection problems

A good network connectivity is essential to watch content on Hulu uninterruptedly. So, if your internet isn’t fast or lacks sufficient bandwidth, you will face the Hulu error code P-DEV302. Use these troubleshooting steps to improve network connection.

  1. Firstly, check your existing network speed.
  2. If the signal strength is low, use an Ethernet connection as mentioned above.
  3. Power cycle your router.
  4. If nothing helps, speak with your ISP.

3. Restart Hulu on your device

Sometimes, restarting the particular device you are using to watch the Hulu content also resolves this error. As an example, we have listed the steps to restart Roku TV and Android TV.

  • Roku TV
    1. On your remote, hit the ‘Home’ button.
    2. Now, navigate to ‘System.’
    3. Choose the ‘System Restart’ option.
    4. Next, pick ‘Restart’ and give the confirmation to restart your Roku player.
    5. Roku will turn off, and you must wait until it powers on.
  • Android TV
    1. There are various Android TV models. So, the steps to restart it depend on your specific model.
    2. Usually, you can restart Android TV through the remote by pressing ‘Quick Settings.’
    3. Head to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘System.’
    4. Choose ‘Restart’ and the same option again.

4. Update your Hulu

Updating the Hulu application is essential to ensure smooth streaming. Here’s how to update it on Android and iPhone.

  • Android
    1. Head to the Play Store and click the ‘Search’ option.
    2. Input Hulu and touch its search result.
    3. Now, hit the ‘Update’ button.
    4. When the app gets updated, find out whether you still see the P-DEV302 error code.
  • iPhone
    1. Navigate to the App Store and choose ‘Updates.’
    2. If you see ‘Update’ written beside Hulu, tap it to get the latest version.

5. Get the device firmware updated

Similar to the app update, it’s critical to check whether your device’s firmware is updated or not. If you are streaming Hulu on Roku and Android TV, follow these pointers to get the device’s firmware updated.

  • Roku
    1. On the Roku remote, hold the ‘Home’ button.
    2. Now, go to ‘Settings.’
    3. Choose ‘System’ and navigate to ‘System update.’
    4. You will see the current version shown on the screen.
    5. Hit the ‘Check now’ button to see the updates.
  • Android TV
    1. On the Android TV remote, hit the ‘Home/Source’ button.
    2. Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Support.’
    3. Now, choose ‘Software update.’
    4. Turn the ‘Auto update’ ON to let the device update the TV.
    5. Finally, reboot the device and see if you encounter this specific error code.

6. Turn off anti-tracking in your browser

The anti-tracking feature is on in many browsers. This feature is turned on by default. But it prevents Hulu streaming from happening smoothly. The major purpose of anti-tracking is to stop advertisers from monitoring your activity across varying websites.

If you repeatedly encounter the Hulu error code P-DEV302, try to disable anti-tracking in your browser. This will let you stream content with minimal issues.

  1. On Google Chrome, navigate to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Advanced Settings’ at the bottom.
  2. Here, disable the ‘Do Not Track’ request. It will be under ‘Privacy.’
  3. Mozilla Firefox users should uncheck the ‘Track cookies and website data' box in settings.
  4. If you use Safari, choose ‘Preferences’ and then tap ‘Privacy’ and modify the setting of ‘Prevent Cross-site Tracking’ to ‘Always allow.’

7. Clear cache on your Hulu

Clearing the cache is another good way to get past the P-DEV302 error. The simple process of clearing the cache entails navigating to settings and then finding the option to manage applications. Here, you can choose the option to clear the app data for Hulu. If this option is unavailable, reinstall the Hulu app.

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Summing up

By now, you must have gained a thorough understanding of the nature of the Hulu error code P-DEV302. Use any one or more of the resolutions described in this post whenever you notice this error code ruining your streaming experience. Hopefully, you will be able to swiftly fix the problem and get back to streaming again.



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