A Guide to Resolve the Hulu Error Code P-DEV310

  • 04 Sep 2023
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Hulu has made its name among the top streaming services in the US. This streaming platform provides stellar content, satisfying the thirst for quality entertainment among all. However, it also has a drawback, namely the various error codes that arise while streaming, spoiling the experience. One of them is the Hulu error code P-DEV310. This error code is similar to others, such as P-DEV312 and P-DEV315. All of them are related to server or network problems.

This error code is common on smart TVs. You will commonly find it on Samsung TV and Vizio smart TV. This post will highlight the nature of this error and ways to fix it.

What Is the Hulu Error Code P-DEV310?

The P-DEV310 is related to network or server problems. Network problems result in poor connection and time-outs. It, in turn, makes the application malfunction. This error can also be due to the corrupt data in a particular application. On smart TVs, the P-DEV310 error code occurs because of poor internet connectivity.

When this error code appears, you will see the message, ‘We are having problems streaming this. Try turning off your device for one minute and then try again. P-DEV310. Now, let’s look at the causes behind this error code to understand it better.

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What Results in P-DEV310 Error on Hulu

The major causes for this Hulu network error are as follows:

  1. Problems in network connection – An unstable or weak internet connection results in errors with Hulu streaming.
  2. Accumulation of cookies and caches – When cookies and caches build up on your device, Hulu experiences playback problems.
  3. Obsolete device or application – Running an older version of the Hulu app or device will result in playback issues and the P-DEV310 error code.
  4. Account-related problems – Incorrect login credentials, billing issues, or expired Hulu subscription will make you encounter this error.
  5. Hulu servers are down – If the Hulu service is down, the streaming app won’t work.

Rectify the Hulu Error Code P-DEV310

Now you have a better understanding of the error code. Use any of these resolutions to fix the exact cause of the error code and resume streaming.

1. Clear browser cache data

This is a common resolution to fix the P-DEV310 error. To clean the cache and cookies in the browser, follow these points.

  1. Open the browser and hit the three dots at the top right.
  2. Choose ‘More Tools’ followed by ‘Clear browsing data.’
  3. Now, choose to delete browsing data for all time.
  4. Place a check on ‘Cached images and files’ and ‘Cookies and other site data.’
  5. Tap ‘Clear Data.’
  6. When the browser is removed, reopen the browser and try streaming Hulu.
  7. Clearing the cache will also fix other Hulu errors like P-DEV315 and P-32.

2. Clear all caches in your Hulu app

Similar to the browser, a build-up of cache and data in the Hulu application can cause the P-DEV310 error code. Here’s how to clear cache and data from the Hulu app on your Android, iOS, and Fire TV.

  • Android
    1. Head to the ‘Settings’ section.
    2. Select ‘Apps.’
    3. From the list, find the Hulu app.
    4. Touch the ‘Clear data’ button.
    5. When the prompt appears, touch ‘OK.’
    6. Finally, touch ‘Clear cache’ and then ‘OK.’
  • iOS
    1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your Apple device.
    2. Now, touch ‘General’ followed by ‘Storage.’
    3. After that, touch ‘Hulu’ and tap the ‘Delete and uninstall’ option.
    4. Finally, head to the App Store and install the Hulu app again.
  • Fire TV
    1. Find the settings in your Fire TV.
    2. Now, touch ‘Applications’ followed by ‘Manage installed applications.’
    3. Touch ‘Hulu’ and then ‘Clear cache.’
    4. When the prompt appears, hit ‘OK.’
    5. Now, touch ‘Clear data’ followed by ‘OK.’

3. Check the network connectivity

If the internet connection is slow, network errors like P-DEV310 commonly arise. You must check and fix your network connection to prevent the likelihood of facing this error.

  1. Switch off your streaming device.
  2. After a minute, switch it on.
  3. Now, check the internet connection.
  4. If it is slow, restart network devices like modem and router.
  5. Go to the ‘Network Settings’ section and see whether your device is linked to a valid Wi-Fi network.
  6. If the network connection is still slow, use an Ethernet connection.

4. Find out the status of the Hulu servers

A common reason people face Hulu error code P-DEV310 on Samsung TV or Vizio smart TV is due to server problems. Go to the Twitter page of Hulu and find out if there is an ongoing server problem.

Besides, you can also type on the search engine, ‘Is Hulu down today?’ and find the answers from the search results. If the Hulu servers are indeed down, wait for some time until there is an update on Twitter about the servers functioning again.

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5. Update Hulu

If you are running an older version of the Hulu app, you are more likely to face this error. This will also resolve the P-DEV310 on Firestick.

  1. Android phone and tablet users should go to the Play Store and click the menu option. Then, choose ‘My apps & games,’ search Hulu, and touch ‘Update.’
  2. If you are an Apple TV user, head to the App Store. Below the ‘Purchased’ tab, find Hulu and then check for its updates.
  3. If you use a Firestick, head to the ‘Settings’ section in the App Store. Choose ‘Applications’ followed by ‘Manage installed applications.’ Now, find Hulu and see whether it needs an update.

6. Connect with the Hulu customer service

If you haven’t had any success in resolving the P-DEV310 error on your Hulu app, getting the customer service team’s help is the last option. You can use the online chat assistance on the Hulu website or directly speak to a Hulu support representative.

Also, you can navigate to the Twitter page of Hulu and put forward your issue there. Someone from the service will surely reply to you.

Summing up

The Hulu error code P-DEV310 occurs when streaming various kinds of content. The most basic fixes for it are restarting your device and checking the internet connection. However, if you still face the problem, try the different resolutions given here and return to uninterrupted streaming on Hulu.



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